"Someone who hates one group will end up hating everyone - and, ultimately, hating himself or herself."  -Elie Wiesel

A White House Holocaust statement that doesn’t mention Jews.  A proposed film outline, authored by a senior White House Advisor, that lists the “American Jewish community” among enablers of radical Islamic jihad. A marked upsurge in anti-Semitic incidents, from bomb threats against JCCs to photoshopped insults and imagery in attacks on Jewish journalists. We cannot allow these ugly new manifestation of the ancient scourge of anti-Semitism - to be normalized.


We commit to speak out against any examples of anti-Semitic speech, whatever the title or authority of the speaker, to educate ourselves on fighting back against the rise of cyber-based hate speech and to identify and combat anti-Semitism wherever it occurs: from the highest offices in Washington DC, to college campuses across the country. The JAC Education Fund will work with coalition partners within the Jewish community and reach beyond it.


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