until the 2020 elections!

1. Voter Registration:

  • Check your registration deadline here

  • Find out if your state has mail-in or email registration

  • Check that you are registered here

  • Check that your family members are registered, including college students

  • For new neighbors, add registration information to your welcome wagon

  • New job? New address? Check any lifecycle event which could effect registration

  • All voter ID laws for primary states are explained here

2. Need to vote absentee or want to vote early?

  • All states will mail absentee ballots to voters who request one. The voter may return the ballot by mail or in person. 

  • In 20 states, an excuse is required, while 27 states and the District of Columbia permit any qualified voter to vote absentee without offering an excuse. 

  • Visit your state or territorial election office website and look for “Absentee Voting” or “Voting By Mail.” If you don’t see either term quickly, try using the site’s search tool.



Every issue we care about is on the ballot in 2020

  • Women's health and reproductive choice

  • A strong US-Israel relationship

  • Real religious freedom, protecting the rights of minorities

  • Standing up to anti-Semitism

  • Compassionate, comprehensive immigration reform

  • Reducing gun violence

  • Immigration reform 

                                                 Historic high numbers of

                                                 women running for office at

                                                 every level

                                                 Pollsters report high level of

                                                 engagement among

                                                 progressive voters


This is our year to make a difference: What will you do?

Check our Get out The Vote Resources

Voter Suppression & Its Threat in 2020

Source: ACLU


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